How Uber And Other Digital Platforms Could Trick Us Using Behavioral Science – Unless We Act Fast

Uber's value is more than $80 billion, yet the data it collects on its users may be worth even more – and creates the potential for dangerous manipulat... Read more

U.S. Believe Russia Conducted Low-Yield Nuclear Test

U.S. officials suspect Russia of conducting unsanctioned low-yield nuclear tests.... Read more

The Three Things Every Good Man Wants to Do for Women

Would we see women who are less stressed if they stepped back and allowed men to take more of a pursuer, protector, and provider role in their lives?... Read more

Doping Soldiers So They Fight Better – Is It Ethical?

The military is constantly using technology to build better ships, warplanes, guns and armor. Shouldn’t it also use drugs to build better soldiers?... Read more

Today’s Schools Are Yesterday’s Streetcars: How Technology Will Transform Education

Like the streetcar and horse-and-buggy, institutional schooling will become a cultural relic, a quaint reminder of yesteryear.... Read more

Two Reasons Why Socialism Repeatedly Fails

Socialism will always encounter two massive problems after regimes attempt to implement it...... Read more

Rent Control Did to Vietnam What US Bombers Couldn't

In many cases rent control appears to be the most efficient technique presently known to destroy a city—except for bombing.... Read more

The ‘American Taliban’ Is Freed From Prison

The man known as the ‘American Talibam’ is released from prison after serving 17 years.... Read more

What Would It Mean for AI to Become Conscious?

“By 2029, computers will have emotional intelligence and be as convincing as people.”... Read more

Should Police Be Able to Use Facial Recognition Technology?

All over the world, private businesses, law enforcement agencies, and national governments are using facial recognition systems.... Read more

Winning the Culture War One Avocado Skirmish at a Time

Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of “avocado” skirmishes, and we might just win ourselves a culture war.... Read more

Europe’s Most Pro-Gun Nation Just Voted for More Gun Control

Under pressure from the European Union, Swiss voters on Sunday agreed to new gun regulations.... Read more

Statistical Disparities Among Groups Are Not Proof of Discrimination

To cling to a narrative that asserts racial discrimination as the only cause of statistical disparities turns a blind eye to reality and leads to harmf... Read more

Brain Scans Help Shed Light on the PTSD Brain, but Cannot diagnose PTSD

PTSD is a clinical condition due to exposure to extreme traumatic experiences or situations that are threatening to the integrity of a person.... Read more

Kirsten Gillibrand Claims Illegals Should be Released 'Into our Community'

2020 Democratic candidate Kirsten Gillibrand believes illegals shouldn’t be arrested, but instead released into our communities. ... Read more

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