The Power of Habit

When we experience big life transitions, new job, new school, new spouse, it is important to ensure you develop new habits to preserve your sanity.... Read more

Forced Equality Has a History of Genocidal Results

From Cambodia, to China, to the former USSR, centralized governments' attempts to enact forced equality have always had devastating consequences for th... Read more

Iraq's Economic Crisis Is Self-Inflicted

Iraq is in the news again and sadly, it’s not good...... Read more

Why the Pursuit of Profit Makes Us All Better Off

When entrepreneurs create profit, we know they are using resources in a way that benefit others. When entrepreneurs causes losses, they are destroying ... Read more

LeBron James Echoes the American Olympic Officials Who Appeased Hitler

The Olympic attitude towards Hitler's rise parallels LeBron's attitude towards China's abuses. ... Read more

Inching Towards Abundant Water: New Progress in Desalination Tech

Teams of scientists around the world are making incremental progress, slowly moving us towards a water-abundant world.... Read more

Lebron James and the NBA Defends Communist China

NBA star LeBron James supports communist China, criticizes “uneducated Rockets GM” over pro free speech tweet.... Read more

The World's Least-Free Countries Reveal Just How Much "Socialism Sucks"

Socialist tyrants were the greatest mass murderers in history, and the young must be apprised of this melancholy fact.... Read more

Women Can’t Have It All

Girls need to know that they have a choice when they stand on the threshold of adulthood, and that it’s perfectly acceptable to solely choose the so-ca... Read more

The Ugandan Miracle of a Market-Driven Charity

This charity utilizes a market-based approach to get people invested in their own success, while reducing child and infant mortality rates.... Read more

There’s a Reason the Names of These Great Thinkers are Etched in Stone

Should we start replacing great western thinkers and writers such as Plato and Homer? Do they really deserve a place in our curriculum anymore?... Read more

Lindsey Graham Claims President Trump Abandoned Kurdish Allies

Rep. Senator Lindsey Graham Criticizes President Trump on U.S. withdraw from Northern Syria. ... Read more

How to Stop Google and YouTube From Becoming Orwellian Nightmares

Big Tech is huge. Abuses by Google and YouTube could destroy careful public thought. ... Read more

What Brandt Jean Taught About Forgiveness

During Amber Guyger's murder conviction, Brandt Jean, the victim's brother taught us all an important lesson about mercy.... Read more

How to Overcome Your Digital Addiction

In his latest book "Digital Minimalism," computer science professor Cal Newport says our drive for social approval is one factor behind the rise of dig... Read more

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