About That Che T-Shirt

Think twice about adding a Che Guevara T-shirt to your Christmas giving this year.... Read more

Climate Protest Goes Sadly Awry

The most recent protest was staged by climate activists in Great Britain. But their plans didn’t quite work out the way they thought they would. ... Read more

Scandinavia is Not Socialist, It Just Soaks the Taxpayer

A look at tax rates in Scandinavian countries reveals a hefty burden.... Read more

Markets Rely on Accurate and Honest Information — Governments Want the Opposite

Market prices reveal critical information about sellers, buyers, and market demand. But government interference in markets substitutes a fake version o... Read more

How Romanticism Encouraged the Decline of Marriage

Marriage is growing rare, even obsolete. It might be because of Romanticism. ... Read more

The Difference Between Regulated Markets and Free Markets

What exchanges take place, and which do not, is affected by how markets are regulated. Black markets and regulated markets have different outcomes than... Read more

Father Loss and Narcissism: Is There a Connection?

Could the revival of good, solid, supportive fathers sound the death knell for our self-absorbed society?... Read more

The US Dollar Beast

Without a turn toward hard money, the odds are that the world’s dependence on the Greenback will not decline but presumably grow even more in the years... Read more

What SEALs and Caesar Teach About Slowing Down

It's hard to slow down, but doing so is a lesson as old as the Roman Empire. ... Read more

Eugenics and the Racist Underbelly of the American Left

Jim Crow policies and the eugenics-tinged racial purity theories behind them were at the heart of progressivism, something that few progressives today ... Read more

Early Starts in School Lead to Higher Rates of ADHD Diagnoses

Youthful exuberance should be valued and encouraged, not pathologized.... Read more

Think the US is Corrupt? 6 Countries Who Say, “Hold My Beer”

Each year, at least 5 percent of the global gross domestic product is wasted by intense corruption.... Read more

Hong Kong Protests Highlight Failings of UK-China Agreement 35 Years In

The protests in Hong Kong are showing the cracks of the Sino-British Joint Declaration which was signed 35 years ago.... Read more

The Constitution of the Killing Fields

The contents of a nation’s constitution, its most supreme law, ought to be composed with care and precision and implemented with scrupulous fidelity.... Read more

The Marxist Class System of Energy Drinks

We bet you didn't know that energy drinks correspond to Marxist class divisions.... Read more

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